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Day 28 #MarchMeetTheMaker… today’s prompt is ‘low stock’

Day 28 #marchmeetthemaker… today’s prompt is ‘low stock’. Everything we make is handmade to order with the exception of pieces of jewellery that we have in our stockists so I guess ‘low stock’ doesn’t really apply to us in terms of finished pieces unless we’re due a restock at one of the shops. Because everything is made to order bespoke designs are always available even if it’s just a simple change of clasp. Low stock for us would be when we are low on our materials. We prefer to have more than one supplier for materials so that if one place is out of stock we have a backup but it’s not so easy to source everything we need all the time. Our pieces require specific sizes so we do try to keep a little in stock at all times so that we can always make up orders when they come in. Clasps can be a problem because again the design will change if the correct clasp isn’t used. Recently we sourced a bulk load of our favourite sterling silver lobster clasps from Italy because for a while we were stuck not being able to find these anywhere. The initial cost was more than we would like but at least we’re stocked up now #meetthemakers #handcraftedjewellery #handcraftedjewelleryuk #madetoorder #bespokeorders #kinectbycggt

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