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Day 29 #MarchMeetThemaker… the prompt today is ‘Old vs New’.

Day 29 #marchmeetthemaker… the prompt today is ‘Old vs New’. Here is one of the first pieces that I, (Christina, one half of Kinect by CGGT) made when on a course to learn silversmithing around 13 years ago… and look it was always about sterling silver rings . No idea back then that we would set up a business making chain woven jewellery designs. This piece features three bangles looped together, one acid etched D shaped wire, one satinised (although it needs redoing now!) round wire and one flat bangle. And next is a photo of the first piece I made for our small business at the beginning of 2021, an Ecliptic bracelet. I didn’t actually stray too far from the woven rings theme really! #sheffieldjewellery #handcraftedjewellerydesigns #silverjewellery925 #lovesmallbusiness #madeinsheffield #handmadeinsheffield #shoplocaluk #thisissheffield

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