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Day 31 #MarchMeetTheMaker - the final prompt is ‘Looking Forward’.

Day 31 #marchmeetthemaker - the final prompt is ‘Looking Forward’. We have so much that we could say on this subject - we’ve come so far already in just six months since we launched so we can only say we have an exciting small business journey ahead of us. Hopefully the next year or so will see lots of developments and learning curves, improvements and new designs and no doubt plenty of hurdles and brick walls to bang our heads against too. But whatever happens, as long as we’re still having fun, making beautiful jewellery and delivering the best service and products to our customers then we’ll just keep moving onwards and upwards #meetthemakers #lookingforwardtothefuture #smallbusinessadventure #excitingtimesahead #watchthisspaceformore #handcraftedjewelleryuk #sheffieldmakers #sheffieldbusiness

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