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Day 30 #MarchMeetTheMaker - the prompt is ‘A day in the life…’.

Day 30 #marchmeetthemaker - the prompt is ‘A day in the life…’.

In short our lives right now are one big juggling act! So that’s what a day in the life of Kinect would look like - crazy bonkers! And this is proven by the fact that we had all good intentions to use snap shots from today to demonstrate what we’ve been up to yet it all went a bit upside down when our eldest had to come home from school poorly this morning.

So each day is different but roughly, we try to exercise each morning after the school run. This is the best way for us to start the day and we multi-task - our baby sleeps in the sling and we have a business meeting/put the world to rights in the process.

Middle of the day can be anything from making/packing/posting orders to work & life admin and playing/cuddling/feeding/sleeping the baby.

After the school run there’s after school activities anything from karate and swimming to reading and piano.

Once the little ones are in bed work commences again and somewhere in all of this we try to squeeze in some fun and relaxation… that’s the tricky part!

Eat, Sleep (try to squeeze some in there), Repeat!

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