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Day 21 #MarchMeetTheMaker… today’s prompt is ‘Materials’

Day 21 #marchmeetthemaker… today’s prompt is ‘Materials’. So this post is a bit more down to the nitty gritty but we’ll keep it brief. The majority of our jewellery is made from sterling silver 925 but at some point in the future we plan to look into using other types of silver such as Mexican and Argentium. We use rings of all different sizes - diameter and gauge (thickness of wire) from teeny tiny 3mm rings to chunky 10mm rings. Something called the aspect ratio of a ring determines the feel and flow of a piece of chain woven jewellery but this is a little complicated to explain so maybe we’ll leave that for another day. Our Steel City Collection is made from stainless steel and EPDM rubber rings - this is a fairly new collection, many pieces still in the design process. We also do a Chromatic Collection, a colourful and fun range made from anodised aluminium and EPDM rubber rings and from this we’ve also developed our Kinect Kids Collection - our boys absolutely love these! On some of our pieces we incorporate Pearls, Hematite, Miyuki Glass Seed Beads and coming soon Black Diamonds! And we hope to source some Czech glass rings soon for some new designs we have in mind. Exciting times ahead

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