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Day 4 #MatchMeetTheMaker… and the prompt today is ‘3 things’

Day 4 #matchmeetthemaker… and the prompt today is ‘3 things’ We’re a bit late in the day posting this one so it’s a brief mention today about the three things that are key for us when designing our jewellery - the look, the feel and the flow of each piece. All of these factors are key for us and to be honest they work together. A piece must look beautiful to the wearer and feel nice next to the skin both in material and weight. Feel also includes the way a piece makes you feel - whether that be sophisticated, confident, beautiful, happy, bohemian, elegant… and the last being the flow. This one is very much related to chain maille weaves - they are kinetic and depending on the weave they will move in different ways creating a lovely flow up and down the skin or across the piece of jewellery. #3things #aboutus #handcraftedjewellerydesigns #handcraftedjewelleryuk #handmadeuk #meetthemakers #thedetails #sheffieldjewellers #sheffield #kinectbycggt

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