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Day 7 #MarchMeetTheMaker is Favourite!

Day 7… #marchmeetthemaker is Favourite! So we’ve decided to share with you our favourite review We love getting feedback from our customers. We love to know if our customers are happy, we hope their new piece of jewellery has done its job and made them feel wonderful! We hope they feel confident and proud wearing it and have that little bit of a special feeling. When a customer leaves a review it’s also good for us to know if we’re doing things right and if not, how we can improve. It’s sometimes quite difficult to get a review from customers. We get it, we’re the same, lives are busy and we fully intend to leave reviews but then time gets the better of us. But we’re consciously trying to leave more feedback these days as it’s so important for the maker. It can make their day, it can boost sales and it can help them improve. #meetthemakers #customerreview #thankyouforsupportingsmallbusiness #handcraftedjewellery #smallbusinessuk #reviews #happycustomer #kinectbycggt

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