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Day 3 #MarchMeetTheMaker is Planning!

Day 3 #marchmeetthemaker is Planning! Well on this subject the photo pretty much sums it up between Gary and I. Referring to myself (the C in CGGT) I’m generally useless at planning, although I do at least try these days and have become better since becoming a mum because I have so many balls up in the air all the time so I have to try make sure I don’t drop one or they’ll all come tumbling down. So I do lots and lots of ‘To Do’ lists to help with that. My husband (the G in CGGT) on the other hand is much better at this, he loves nothing more than a good spreadsheet, working everything out, documenting it etc etc, we’re basically like chalk and cheese. Just take a look at the pizzas we make, mine is messy taking pot luck on where things go, his is well thought out making sure every bite has just what he wants on it. On another note… we do have some exciting things planned (kind of planned) in for later this year involving more from our stainless steel range and working with colourful Czech glass rings #meetthemakers #handcraftedjewellery #uksmallbusiness #smallbusinessplanning #oppositesattract #worksforus #pizzamaking #futureplans #jewellerydesigns #kinectbycggt

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